Fall7Rise8 LLC is a technology consulting company.

The name is taken from a Japanese proverb. 七転び八起き Nanakorobi yaoki. This translates literally into “fall seven times and stand up eight.”

What does it mean? When life knocks you down, stand back up; What matters is not the bad that happened, but what one does after.

Certainly resilience is one message of the proverb. Angela Duckworth, author of “Grit” and one of our foremost academic proponents of resilience, once noted that ” “There’s an old Japanese saying: ‘Fall seven, rise eight.’ If I were ever to get a tattoo, I’d get these four simple words indelibly inked.”

But .beyond resilience, beyond “grit’, there’s a deeper meaning – one of iterative learning. Each time you are knocked down you stand up stronger, smarter, and better. It’s in essence the story death and rebirth which parallels that of the Greek myth of the Phoenix being consumed by fire and then being reborn in the ashes of that fire. But it’s not just the same Phoenix being reborn – in the cycle of falling and getting back up, of death and rebirth, there’s something more that is created.